Ultiel is a boss in MOW MY LAWN: Caretaker Ultiel.

Boss Information Edit

She has 500k HP, three lives per player, and six people per server

Ultiel is the Archgoddess of gardening, and required to fight the first Final Boss in the game. Upon defeating her you will obtain a gigantic greatsword, Thistleblade

Defeat the giant archgoddess Ultiel, who after a thousand years of fighting alongside Yenti for what seemed like a noble cause, has turned into a beast of unimaginable cruelty. Ultiel was banished to an inescapable prison in the void so as to keep her away from civilization whilst Ultiel regains sanity. Ultiel's care was interrupted, however, by the archdemon (with the accidental aid of the warden), and she rampaged into the abyss wherein you fought her. What a scrub. -Ultiel's badge description, The Caretaker

Attacks Edit

  • She summons ghosts, which dash to you and attack.
  • She occasionally shoot large purple balls.
  • She summons purple mist that can despawn when touched without FF, occasionally shoots balls at players.
  • Slashes at players near her, she stops slashing when she has a white smoking coming from her.

Guide Edit

Make sure you have a party of 4 people, about one or two of them should hide in a corner to keep the server alive while dodging the Ghosts, and the other 2 have to deal damage to Ultiel. It is not recommended to get near a Ghost, as you are most likely to die.



"You have no chance of victory!"

"Plunge into the abyss!"

"Your days are over!"

"I'll make sure to burn your family line to ashes after we're through here."


"Your attacks don't even hurt me!"

"Another head to add to my collection."

"Die, feeble one!"

"No mortal may defeat an archgoddess!"

"Don't think you're grand enough to best me."

"I'll use your body as fertilizer!"

"My glorious barrage of royal light shall be the last thing you ever see!"

"HAHAHA! Simply pathetic."

"You would attack the mighty caretaker with a gardening tool?"

"Oh, give me a break."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WOW" (Upon player defeat)

Trivia Edit

  • The main musical theme of the fight with Ultiel is Two Steps From Hell - Decimator.
  • She only has one hand in-model. However, that's just because the robes are covering it up.
  • Sylvar Croati was the archdemon that woke her up, and Ulcerava accidentally helped.
  • The teleportation for Ultiel's old boss battle is completely random and there is no actual pattern.
  • Ultiel is the best ever.