Ulcerava is a boss in MOW MY LAWN: Warden Ulcerava

Boss Information Edit

Defeat the archgoddess Ulcerava in combat. Little is known of the warden, besides that the archspear held in Ulcerava's hands once brought the barriers between universes down, allowing the beast Ultiel to escape her eternal bindings. Thanks a lot, scrub. -Ulcerava's badge description, The Fallen

Ulcerava is a Archgoddess, required in order to fight the first Final Boss of the game, one player per server, one life, and she has 150k health. She used to have 500k HP, but was nerfed on 6/26/16.

Server limit is 1 player per server, and you have 1 life.

Defeating her will give you her weapon, Archspear.

Guide Edit

This boss can be done with something as early as Diamond Spatha, simply keep your distance and abuse the range of the weapon to chip at her health slowly but surely. Everything else is effectively no braining it with weapons like Last Resort or Thistleblade.

Attacks Edit

She sticks her spear in an attempt to impale you with it, occasionally summoning fireballs to protect herself or hurt you. Pretty simple boss.


"You just don't get it, do you?"

"Please go away."

"Do I really have to?"

"Oh well."

Trivia Edit

  • Her spear is a mower in the Divine category.
  • She is robloksbox's forced waifu.
  • Her arena has gone through many changes. It is currently a black square with green squares around it.
  • She is the only boss whose chaos form is not present in the game. (it was scrapped)
  • Ulcerava has the lowest HP out of all the Archgoddesses.
  • She was plauged with diseases as from her weapon tooltip, which is why she only heals when damaging the player.
  • Her bossfight theme is Immediate Music - Fatum Plebis (1:30 mark)