The Tractor was the cheapest vehicle that could be bought in the shop. The vehicle was controlled like the Ro-Ped and best works when you are in shift-lock mode. They were able to mow up the lawn rather quickly due to the increased speed when moving and the large AOE of the mower "disk" (the yellow part on the bottom.)


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Availability Edit

It costed 5,000,000 trimmings in the vehicle shop. It was the cheapest out of the two vehicles.

It is now removed.

Stats/Powers Edit

The Tractor has no special ability in particular that would "boost" its usefulness in PvP. The Tractor did however possess a fast speed boost over other mowers. The Tractor is able to knock back a player that it hits if it goes fast enough. If it hits a player, it will usually remove their lowest limbs. (If he/she still has her legs, they will survive and be able to jump up and hit your head instant killing you even with normal mower.)

Trivia Edit

First vehicle added.

Sometimes when it is deployed, the tractor will sometimes kill the user due to a glitch.

The tractor will also sometimes cause the user to suffer a cam glitch.

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