Son, you better run when you see this guy. Or not, idk.

Good reasons to run: Edit

1. Screw you.

2. This guy is in it for the PVP (When it was still around.)

3. He has an Apollo.

4. Screw you again.

5. He's MLG.

6. Screw you again because HE CAN.


  • Invented the Roller-Mower and Fire Chainsaw
  • Claims that there is no reference.
  • Is a rank [6] Manly Admin
  • Plays Terraria with Guest000o and dannyha
  • Did I already tell you he's super MLG?
  • Thinks JonTron is the best YouTuber in the world
  • Changes his look WAAAAAY TOO OFTEN.
  • Has a manly stalker that often follows him, named TaitenTheTaco.
  • Invented Moon Mondays

Gallery Edit

Hey look a Photo of him!