Overview Edit

The Serenade is the most expensive and the most newest out of all of the energy tools in the energy section. Similar to Orchestra and Symphony, it plays music and gives you a temporary forcefield.

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Availability Edit

The Serenade costs 3 sextillion in the "energy" section of the default shop. It costs the most out of all of the energy tools.

Stats/Powers Edit

It does have a special power other than the extremely long reach like all energy weapons. It is able to play music like some of the other energy mowers. The Serenade earns 100 quintillion trimmings per grass blade. This commonly gives you 10 player points while mowing, sometimes even 20.

The Serenade is able to generate a force field and play Ode To Joy when you click. The forcefield and the music will continue to play even if you unequip it, but it will eventually vanish.

Trivia Edit

-A serenade is a piece of music sung or played in the open air, typically by a man at night under the window of his lover.

-Ode To Joy cuts off abruptly.