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Overview Edit

The Reaver was a fast firing minigun like gun , it shot out explosive green lasers that will kill anyone in one shot if they are not in a force field. If you miss by a bit, the explosive power will still kill them.

Availability Edit

It could be bought for one quadrillion in the guns portion of the shop. The reaver was tied with the Geiger for the most expensive gun in the arsenal currently.

It is now removed except for being in the Super Mega God Pack.

Stats/Powers Edit

It doesn't really have any special powers... It just shoots out green beams rapidly. Each shot gives trimmings regardless of what they hit. (IE a side of a house). It lacks the ability to penetrate shields but has more range over the Geiger. The Reaver is extremely accurate even with its rapid fire power. It is powered by the souls of the scrubs harvested by the MLG gods.

Trivia Edit

One of the two guns that do not require gamepasses.

Weaker than Reaver 2000

Is a minigun/chaingun

It is able to mow grass by exploding it.