Reality is an upcoming boss in MOW MY LAWN.

She is the final boss for a side quest revolving around her, her daughter Sylvar, and her daughter in-law, Inti, along with her other daughter in-law, Ultiel.

After saving Sylvar and letting Ultiel know of her supposed whereabouts, Reality challenges the player to a fight, promising information on how the fake world works and how the workings of reality is.

When meeting Ultiel, Inti, and Sylvar before the fight with Reality within the Embersteel Grove, Sylvar tells the player about her infinite destructive energy, and how afraid but respectful she is to her mother. Ultiel talks about her past experience with Reality as she would have died if Inti and Yenti hadn't intervened, Inti talks about wings and how they appear from divine beings when they are excited, and something about reapers that Inti doesn't really know much about.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the 2nd strongest being in the lore of Big_Rig's lore regarding about MOW MY LAWN and the upcoming game, Pantheon.
  • She will be armored against Sev Gaus' special ability, as Sylvar is afraid of her mother's infinite destructive potential.
  • In her weapon's tool tip in MLG SWORD WAVING COMPETITION, Ash Inferno, she was apparently accidentally shoved into a physical body, later given the title of Goddess, and picked up the name Solarisaverti.