there's more opinions than facts in this page. gotta learn the differences, people.

Overview Edit

A list of random facts involving MML. Only one fact cat be posted within 24 hours.

Community Facts Edit

  1. About 50%+ of the community rages during a session in MML due to PvP.
  2. About 2-3% of the community has e+ anything

FoMT Facts Edit

  1. The manly (GAR) scythe is useless against battling someone else since it does not damage
  2. Llin's Spear is also useless in fights.

Tool Facts Edit

  1. The RainbowRifle is the best gun out of all guns in the game.
  2. The GEIGER is removed sadly without any known reason yet.
  3. The Ultimate Sin mower used to engulf you with black and white flames while giving you a speed boost and playing the Sonic X theme song.

Boss FactsEdit

  1. The Old One is Diamond Angel Gemini.
  2. Ultiel's homing fire goes after the last person to join the server.
  3. Diamond Angel Gemini's fireballs go after the last person who joins the server.
  4. Llin was banished because when Yenti and Ulcerava had a sleepover and had sex, Llin secretly recorded and sold the DVDs for 100$. Yenti was pissed. Then, when Yenti created Transcendence, she hated her, but Llin liked her. This caused Yenti to banish her to the void.
  5. Bonus fact: Transcendence is secretly Auna
  6. Not only is Yenti an arch goddess, she's also a lazy as shit arch couch potato.
  7. Nil and All are in a relationship.
  8. Nil is impossible.
  9. Llin's favorite beverage is a smoothie.
  10. There is a secret boss called Chef Boyardee. He is a seven player raid boss with 150 million health. He can only be fought after beating 20 bosses (The number changes as Big Rigs releases more bosses.) You must stand in a corner in the bosshub near Yenti's portal for five minutes. Stacking people in the corner is possible. Recordings or pictures of Chef Boyardee are non-existant as of now. His badge name is Fight for Justice, which has no badge description. His place is hidden with Roblox's new place hider update, so no one can find the boss fight place on the website.
  11. Nil X has a secret attack that can force players to orgasm for 5 minutes.
  12. Llin spends most of her time watching porn.
  13. Sylvar Solaris Croati eats hearts of other sylvars and drives the sanity of players to complete bullshit.
  14. Astara did 9/11 and was part of Transcendence's plan.
  15. Gaea is secretly the sister of Hitler.
  16. If you say Sylvar Solaris Croati 5 times infront of The Old One, you will get killed instantly.