Manliness points, or Manliness, is a point system used in MML.

How do they work?Edit

In order to gain acsess to the main source of Manliness, you must be Rank 2 in the Federation of Manly Toughness.

After that, you must find some filthy hackers. One way to do this is to check anybody at the top of the leaderboard if their number has a decimal, or if it's a single digit yet is still first place on the leaderboard.

Every time you hit a hacker with the Llin spear, you get seven manliness points.

What do they do?Edit

Manliness points give you a trimming multiplier, which multiplies the number of trimmings you get per blade cut.

0 - 0.999 points give you a multiplier of 1.

Is there another way to get them?Edit

Yes, but it's very slow.

Sometimes, in the Bossfight hub, Guest000o will drop red crates that give Various amounts Manliness.