The Main Lawn in the game picture.

The main lawn is where it all begins.

General infoEdit

The main lawn is where most of the action takes place. There are at least 4 spawn points.

There is a guard that can be talked to, who tells you to get back to work, except its removed. sakysak is Lawn Guard 2.0

The sea of sand that surrounds the lawn is actually salt.

The chestEdit

The chest is where players can buy Tickets, which in turn, are used to buy map packs.


There are quite a few secrets in this lawn.

The Last BladeEdit

The last blade isn't actually the last. It's actually a teleporter to another room, which contains a humanized Llin.


There is a secret badge in the attic, which can be obtained by one of two ways.

You can either use Ash to teleport inside the attic, or you can just use a mower with a decent range to reach it.

This badge and it's description is a reference to the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

The developer roomEdit

This room is near the Atticus badge. To reach it, you must jump off of the alien obby and attempted to land on the roof. It's located just behind the wall of the tallest part. Touch it to be teleported to the room.

Alien shopEdit

To get to this secret, you must go behind the house to find the secret teleporter to the alien obby.

Once you complete this obby, you will find the alien shop on the UFO. You can buy an Alien Mower (Not recommended), an Alien Chainsaw (Recommended from Excalibur to Omen. Boss mowers are the same) and an Alien Decimator (Again, useless, due to the Orchestra).


The main lawn hosts a teleporter to the Main boss hub, which contains portals to a majority of the bosses.