The Ladder is a tier 4 optional boss in MOW MY LAWN: Ladder


Boss Information Edit

The Ladder has 75k Stability(Health) and regenerates 30 Stability every second after a certain threshold. 50 people per server and 65 lives per player. The entire fight is consisted of climbing the ladder to the top to deal damage.


Defeating Ladder gives you the Ultimate Partizan, Stiegen.

It's ancient mystery on how you get to it.

Disregard the above text, to get to the ladder you must do the Lunar Jokoto quest and defeat The Old One once more. In the place that Luna would spawn, a ladder will appear. Climb it and you will be brought to The Ladder.

Attacks and Etc. Edit

The battle will progressively get harder(and worse) every time you damage the ladder past a certain point.

It's attacks go in order, top being the beginning and bottom is later Edit

  • White balls that push you off the ladder, dealing small amounts of damage (After first hit.)
  • Shoots Ark lasers (After 70k and lower.)
  • Shoots more smaller and more frequent ark lasers, along with a much larger one. (After 65k)
  • Rocks will start dropping on you while not climbing the ladder (After 60k)
  • Black hands will grab you off the ladder and into the void where you will rest (After 55k)
  • Giant lasers will start to shoot (After 65k-50k)
  • The attacks will start coming more frequently then normal (Varies)
  • Nils will begin to spawn (45k)
  • One Punch Man opening song replaces The Arks theme. (30k~) 
  • Around that time everything will become red and dark. (30k~)
  • Ladder becomes invisible every now and then (Random)
  • Lasers will start shooting everywhere (Random)
  • A wall will spawn to block players from climbing (Random)
  • A purple laser that can deal high damage will start being shot
  • All the attacks begin to fire even more frequently, includes the spawning of Nils
  • At around 30k stability two Transendences will spawn, both draining 15 lives per player.

Trivia Edit

  • The boss was originally a joke from the ladder in The Ark fight, for the first phase it's song is shared with The Ark.
  • The victory screen says you climbed the Ladder instead of killed Ladder.
  • The badge appears to have Essca's wheel around Ladder.
  • In order to get to this, you must complete a superb secret sidequest.
  • The ladder is omnipotent, the ladder is great.
  • Big_Rigs will not let a single non-memer player complete this boss. Whether they're legitimate or not.

    Ladder's badge.


    Ladder's beta badge.

    First Ladder Win

    Ladder's victory screen.