Final Engine.

The Final Engine is a mower/weapon in MOW MY LAWN.

Basic infoEdit

The Final Engine resembles a large drill. When the player clicks with this tool equipped, they will dash forwards, similar to 3DMG, with a forcefield, and accompanied by the sound of a blast similar to The Ark's heavy turret firing sound. Its speed is enough to reach to the last blade.


"The last weapon of the grand archdemon that struckdown both the beast Ultiel and the monster Transcendence. Annihilates the unworthy just by being in their presence." -Final Engine's flavor text.

Final Engine gives around 1 octillion per blade mowed with no manliness.

Boss WeaponEdit

Final Engine appears as a weapon during the second phase of Final Llin, as well as The Old One. It does 100 damage PPH. It works like the mower version, having a forcefield and boost. This boost is unchanged for Final Llin, but in The Old One fight, the forcefield and boost are a lot faster and harder to use, making it seem almost useless in the fight. However, it does have a faster loading time in The Old One fight.