Weapon Information Edit

The Desolation Glaive is a massive two handed weapon that is obtained through beating Nil X in a solo battle. It sports a color palette of black and gray and features Nil hanging onto the pole of the glaive. It is approximately 18 studs in length and has a gigantic bladed end. When used, it emits black smoke particles that fade into brown in the same way the Guardian’s power hammer emits blue smoke particles. The Desolation Glaive is also outfitted with the Stiegen’s infinite roll.

Weapon Stats and Abilities Edit

"Nil X sought something to call his own, and so he undid every fiber of his being. He became something else entirely."

  • Has the Stiegen's infinite roll
  • It does NOT deal damage. At all. It heal's the boss by supposedly the same amount of damage that something like Pathogen X would damage by.

Obtaining the Weapon Edit

The Desolation Glaive is obtained by defeating what is currently the most difficult boss in the game; Nil X in a solo battle. To enter the battle, you must climb to the top of Nil's portal and touch the head of the transparent preview of Nil.

As of yet, Big_Rigs, Hyouri, HataNo_Kokoro, and himpoo42 are the only people who have obtained this weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • The Desolation Glaive was created Sunday, September 25, 2016
  • The Desolation Glaive is the 3rd weapon to have infinite rolling and attacking through Force Field.
  • It is effectively impossible to beat Nil X in a solo battle, meaning the Desolation Glaive is the 2nd weapon in Mow My Lawn that is basically impossible, behind the Pathogen X, which is straight up impossible even with Sev Gaus' special attack.
  • Before there was a teleport to Nil X, the only way to enter the battle was to touch a teleportation cube which Big_Rigs sparsely dropped in the bosshub. These cubes were yellow in color and neon in material.

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