Chaos Ultiel is a Chaos Boss in MOW MY LAWN.

Boss InformationEdit

According to the game, Chaos Ultiel is referred to as Ex-Archgoddess Ultiel.

"I, Ultiel Omegase, being of sound mind and sound body, freely give away my divinity and all the immortality contained therein. I do this not for myself, but for the one that I love the most, who struggles against a greater evil than we have ever seen. I bind this contract with my immortal soul, and bid my godhood adie" -Ex-Goddess Ultiel's badge desc, Landscaping Contractor


Chaos Ultiel's badge image

She has 5 million HP, each player has 10 lives, and the server holds up to 10 players.

Attacks Edit

  • Dash to someone and hit them with 2 swords, flings them really far away.
  • Slashes downwards with both of her swords, firing a large purple ball that insta-kills.
  • Turn into a purple cylinder and dashes towards the nearest player, killing through Force Field.

Chaos Ultiel's boss model


  • Guest was open to questions from the people who came at the time. Guest revealed crucial information such as the fact Ultiel doesn't teleport, but moves very very fast.
  • She made a contract that removed her godhood, hence Ex-Goddess
  • She is revealed to be one of the wives of Sylvar, as she joins Inti to comfort Sylvar during a sidequest.

literaly the best boss in the game and the perfect god of religeon