Astara, also known as Ultra Astara is a Chaos Boss in MOW MY LAWN made by Jerry and hievery1. He is the "Chaos" version of Archdemon Astara. Defeating him gives Pathogen Y. Defeating him without Inti's help gives Pathogen X.

Boss Information Edit

The battle takes place in a huge black room with Astara in the middle. The boss battle is solo and you only have 5 lives. Chaos Astara is HUGE, being the 4th biggest boss in MML. He has 22 lives and an energy shield with 4 million HP you must take down in order to actually deal damage to him. Also, Chaos Astara has 3 phases. However, his first phase has 2 stages. Astara has 2.2 million HP for all of his lives except his last life, where he has about 66.6 million HP.

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Attacks Edit

Phase 1 Edit

  • Shoots a slowly charged laser, that is often previewed with 3 cylindrical airstrikes that land. Usually being at a decent distance will keep you away from Astara.
  • The Laser also has a second variety that is much larger than the last and is an instant kill. The only way to dodge this laser is to run underneath and to the other side of Ultra Astara before it is used.
  • Lands down on the ground making a triple shock-waved explosion, this is when he can be attacked.

Phase 2 Edit

  • This phase is the easy part since Astara can always be attacked here. If you're legitimately beating this, you can insta-kill him with Pathogen X from Inti's help.

Phase 3 Edit

  • Only on his last life. The entire battlefield turns red. All of his phase 1 attacks apply except now they're all much faster and will most likely one-shot you if you even make it here.

Trivia Edit