Overview Edit

The Chainsaw is a tool in the "saws" class of mow my lawn default shop. It is the cheapest saw item, and the cheapest long-reaching narrow weapon. There are many variations of the chainsaw in the Mow My Lawn shop system, however this one is usually the first one people get.

Availability Edit

The chainsaw costs 20,000 Trimmings, and can be bought in the default MML shop interface under the saws category. Buying the Guard Duty gamepass will grant the player a free regular chainsaw, however the Guard Duty chainsaw attack can kill players through invincibility force-fields, and break handle-based objects such as tools and hats.

Stats/Powers Edit

The chainsaw nets 50 trimmings per object mowed. It also has a 1 in 750 chance of granting the user one player point. Besides the FF-piercing powers of the Guard Duty chainsaw, this item has no worthwhile abilities to speak of.

Trivia Edit

The chainsaw is a cutting tool used since around 1830 to quickly tear through tough materials such as sheet rock and wood. However, chainsaws are not commonly used to mow lawns.