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Sizzling hot, now available at your local Wedgemart.

The Bacon Greatsword is a mower in MOW MY LAWN. It is the first mower that is able to be obtained by buying a shirt. The Bacon Greatsword is a rare sight considering most people don't know about the shirt. The Bacon Greatsword isn't like any lawn mowers except for the Excalibur because it has a unique attack animation of swinging the sword down. This sword could kill almost anyone with the right skills and swordplay (totally not gonna gank hueuhe) while PVP was still around. 

Availability Edit

You need to buy the Bacon wizard from Guest000o [1] in order to get this weapon. You will also need to wear it in game in order to have the weapon appear in your inventory.

Stats/Powers Edit

The Bacon Great sword has an insane reach like a normal great sword in Dark Souls. The Great Sword is ale to perform a large downward chop when clicked like the Excalibur but it has a larger reach.

It is completely useless in gaining trimmings.

It was able to kill players in one hit when PVP was still a thing.

Trivia Edit

  • Bacon
  • Bacon is good for you
  • 100 tix goes to the, "Feed the Guest" foundation. All proceeds to toward his food budget, and his new hats....
  • It does not look like any great sword in Dark Souls particularly but the amount of red and the hues make it look like the fires of "Kellogs" great sword.