All is a secret boss in MOW MY LAWN.

Boss Information/Appearance Edit

All sits on the throne of reality, silently cursing her creator for eternity. All was born of the residual power of Llin in a time so long ago time itself had not been fully refined into the form it exists as currently. Perhaps it was out of loneliness, or maybe even simple indignation, that Llin created All. All was born without eyes or a mouth, but even that body horror is nothing compared to the empty shells the great gods once were. All was the first being born of Llin's might, but also the outcast. Eventually the apathy of the divines would cause All to turn against Llin at the most crucial of times. All was eviscerated by an arch-demon while making an attempt on Llin's life. The deity had little to no combat experience, so the veteran warrior demon met little to no challenge. All died alone and unloved. -All's badge description

7 players per server, and 3 lives per person. All has 500k HP. All is one of the five bosses needed to fight The Old One.

All is a deity created by remains of Llin's power, she's a completely white humanoid figure and has no facial structures. She is basically a buffed Nil in terms of attacks. As described in the badge description, she had little to no combat experience, so she apologizes for hurting you and asks if she can perform her attacks.

Attacks&Movement Edit


All's model

All will stay stationary for a few seconds, giving the player/raid team time to spank her ass. After that time has been passed, she will start attacking. (which can be indicated when the music starts) All can and will...

-Shoot a stream of balls in every direction

-Summon white pillars of light that launch you into the air. If followed by a stream of balls, you are probably going to die.

-Summon exploding balls

-Shoot a stream of balls directly towards a player; as opposed to every direction

-Remove AG weapons via one of her ball attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • All, in the Sacred List of Jerry has Nim/All.
    • Nim was the name of an entity in Nemoy's Dusk.
  • The badge says All was born with no mouth, however, there is dialogue throughout the whole battle.
  • The boss battle music is the drop from Two Steps From Hell - All That is Hell Ends Well (at 3:05 for your info :P)